“[W]hat I’ve learned in this entire process of being very visible is not to make assumptions about people’s identities, or lives, or pains, or points of access, or exile and oppression.”
— Janet Mock in this wonderful interview

Celebrating two years with Max today. Love love love love love.

Dani Shapiro Notes

  • Dedicate time to writing
  • Structure your day around an assignment or deadline
  • Find a way to unfry your brain
  • True to yourself, your values, what matters to you
  • Curious not self-conscious
  • Be completely in a conversation
  • Feeling that every word you said is true
  • Asking for clarity of thought, clarity of speech, clarity of action

* * *

from this interview with Jonathan Fields

“Look at it here. Look at how it is: calm, sunny, the palm trees. What is there to get all fucking upset about? This is reality. In other words, the war was not reality. The war wasn’t here. The war was someplace else. So any ideas you had about the war were all things you manufactured in your head from newspapers and that. To me, this was reality; this was my reality right here.”
— Robert Irwin in conversation with Lawrence Weschler, Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees 
“[B]eing an artist is really just about making art. It’s really just about doing the work. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not an attitude. It’s not a look. It really is just about working. You know, I’m not trying to live ‘the life of a writer.’ I just want to write, and I do everything I can to have as much time as possible to write.”
Sheila Heti in an interview with Rookie

So much wisdom and honesty in this clip with Gregory Orr.

Old Notes

  • Being real
  • Cutting jargon
  • Not about dialogue, but understanding each other
  • Combating myths and showing you’re listening
  • Progressive disclosure
  • Differentiating things to relieve stress
  • Anticipating feelings
  • Words limit audience size